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The notebook that the character can write in the water in addition to the inside of rain (It is developing).
The U-PET paper can write a character in the water. It utilizes this characteristic and it is during development in "the waterproof notebook (temporary)". It is useful in a wide range of fields such as the bad construction field, and the river investigation and the fishing fieldwork to be wet with water or the dive it is easy wet if the rainy weather doesn't take a note.

There is a similar product which is made with PP (the polypropylene) synthesis paper but the U-PET paper is a feature surface and exceeds it roughly.

· The same of the paper with ordinary condition of pen Not (smoothly)
· It is possible to write ordinarily after erasing with the eraser, too, (The erased part doesn't "TEKATEKA").
· The page fellow doesn't attach even if it is wet with water.
· It is possible to enter under the general weather with most writing tool.

It writes down with the crayon.

It writes down with the pencil.

It is possible to write a character ordinarily in the water in either.

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