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The bottle label which is easy to peel off strongly in the dewfall
Strongly in doing water wet, it utilized the characteristic that it is difficult to tear and it created bottle labels such as the wine and the sake with the U-PET paper label type (the product name : 60 H of U-PET60·U-PET). The excellent bottle label that there is not a dewfall by putting in the refrigerator beforehand, too, and that the wrinkles and the slack come out by being wet with water, too, and that it isn't possible not to be torn by them is complete. Also, the label-type back can peel off easily if soaking in water for several minutes because it puts on The weak adhesion and it becomes processing.

It is possible to peel off easily if soaking in a lot of water for several minutes.

When creating the original label of the small lot, and so on, the U-PET paper is convenient because it is a laser printer and it is possible to be printed by it. A little addition and correction, too, can be flexibly supported.

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